Purpose of Bible Baptist Church

Bible Baptist Church Exists…

to edify true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ through the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper; through preaching, teaching, fellowship and other legitimate means, thus preparing them for true worship and equipping them for true service

to worship the Triune God, as he is revealed in Scriptures both individually as a priesthood of believers and corporately as a Body.

to fulfill the Great Comission.


Pastor Philip B. Golden Sr. | Sr. Pastor

Philip B Golden Sr. has been pastor of Bible Baptist Church since 1991. He previously pastored churches in Ohio and Maryland, traveled to mission fields around the world, taught in a Bible college, and has served on mission and ministry boards.

Pastor Golden came to Christ as a child and has benefited from the influence of a Christian home. In 1970, he graduated from Bob Jones University and served on its staff for six years.

He and his wife, Chantal, were married in 1971. They have a son, Phil Jr., who is currently assisting in the ministry of BBC.

Pastor Philip B. Golden Jr. | Asst. Pastor

I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior at a very young age. My whole life was spent in a pastor’s family, but it was not until the summer between 6th and 7th grade that I felt God moving particularly in my life.

At the age of 13, I felt God’s calling in my life to commit to full-time Christian service. Particularly, I felt God’s call in my life to preach His Word. It was at BBC that I preached my first sermon and I feel blessed to be able to still be a part of the ministry here. After completing my resident studies at Bob Jones Jr. Memorial Seminary, my wife Rita and I, following God’s leading, moved back from South Carolina to our hometown of Pittsburgh. I have a heart to see those who do not know Christ come to know him and those that do know Christ continue to know him better. Proclaiming and Displaying Christ to the community around us is my ultimate desire for the ministry of Bible Baptist Church.

John Schnatterly Sr. | Deacon

I actively grew up in church. I learned from the pulpit that the Bible was good book not to be taken literally. At the age of 16 my sister suggested I attend a bible study. While I enjoyed the popcorn and ping-pong I was troubled by what I heard–that the bible was God’s inerrant Word, that I could trust it in all things, and that I could know for sure I was going to heaven. For someone who had gone to church his whole life these were new ideas.

I kept going back until I concluded that I was in fact a sinner on my way to Hell, needing to trust Jesus for my salvation and not my good works. I understood that Jesus had died for my sins and all I needed to do was trust in Him. Soon I had my girl friend also attending the bible studies and she too accept Jesus as Savior. A few years later she would become my wife.

My wife and I, and four children at the time, joined Bible Baptist Church in 1989. I have served here since then in various role: as a Sunday school teacher (various grades and adult), AWANA leader and bible story leader, VBS teacher/counselor, choir director and congregational song leader, Neighbor Fair GM, lay preacher, and deacon.

Frank Kellander | Deacon

After accepting the Lord as my Savior in my Mid twenties, I have had a desire to understand the Bible. As a child, I was drawn to the Bible and frustrated that I could not understand what I was able to read. After my wife took me to her church where I met people who read and understood the Bible, my life changed. As a Deacon of Bible Baptist Church, it is important to me that the Bible is the fundamental to the preaching and instruction in our services and was a key factor in the decision for my family to begin to attend the church in 1997. I currently serve as Treasurer of the Church as well as oversee the sound and audio recording of the services.





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